Will's Mansion is a location in the mod.


Will van Boven, near the middle of the game, purchases a large mansion in Wapona Hills, outside of Carcer City. His mansion resembles Franklin's mansion from GTA 5, but with some different details. One of the major details being that it is one story, as opposed to two, meaning that the level with the bedroom, etc. isn't there. The Mantis, Stinger, and a Sanchez all spawn outside.

Changed DetailsEdit

  • Throughout the house, there are many posters for rave-related events, along with posters for Kut - Electro and Kut - Ultra
  • Where the record collection and DJ equipment are near the living room, there is a model railroad
  • Where the telescope and the bong used to be, there is now a double bed with a black comforter. Next to it, backed up against a wall, there is a desk with an unfinished model kit and paint bottles.
  • Will's coffee table is cluttered with video game cases and cans of Sprunk.