Story MissionsEdit

Side MissionsEdit

  • Various Dock Jobs
  • Monster Mash - Drive monster trucks around and over wrecked cars and ramps in the Liberty Memorial Coliseum, collecting coloured coronas.

Random EventsEdit

Random Events are side missions that don't have icons on the map, but the person or vehicle required to start the Random Event does have an arrow above them/it ingame.

  • BTTF part I - A mad scientist is fiddling with a Deluxo in the Staunton Island hospital parking lot in the middle of the night. Walking up to him results in him rambling to you about time travel and terrorists, then getting into his car and driving at great speed into a hospital wall. Before the mad scientist can crash into the hospital, he and his car disappear in a flash of light. Shortly after, some rather dark skinned fellows arrive in a Camper and one of them sticks his head out of the sunroof and starts firing at you with an AK-47. Whether you escape them, kill them, or are killed by them, this Random Event is over.
  • BTTF part II - Returning a few days later, and again at the dead of night, the camera pans over to where the car disappeared. Suddenly another flash of light appears, along with the mad scientist in his Deluxo, immediately crashing into the wall. The scientist falls out of the car, dead, and you get a free car. Unfortunately its time travelling capabilities require plutonium, and you aren't likely to come across that anytime soon. This Random Event is over and a Deluxo will respawn in a parking space nearby, this is the only way to get a Deluxo in the game.